AEA Chicago 2009: Using CSS3 Today with eCSStender

In Session 8 of An Event Apart Chicago 2009, Aaron Gustafson demonstrated the eCSStender JavaScript library.

Browsers are extending CSS (-moz, -webkit, -khtml, -o), we should be able to as well.


  • <16K
  • starts when DOM is ready
  • supports specificity/cascade/media
  • usually not even a flash while JS works

Use .register() to create extension

  1. lookup
    • selectors (tag, regex, array, function-advanced)
  2. property (specific, regex, array, vendor-specific, etc.)
    • can be fingerprinted (completely lost about that)
  3. callback function
    • selector, properties, medium, specificity arguments


  • pretty much .register() but read-only, returns an array

Other Stuff

  • .isSupported (tells if browser natively supports property)
  • usally caches, but can disable certain stylesheets or disable completely–ignore(), disableCache()


I’d love to include them, but none of the questions were repeated for the benefit of the group